Biology Art Nexus

The Biology-Art Nexus

Biology Art Nexus Assistant Professors Karen Bushaw-Newton and Ilya Temkin were inspired after listening to Dr. Rebecca Kamen’s plenary lecture at PUP 2013. Using ideas from Kamen’s talk, the two devised an extra credit project for their Biology 101 classes during the spring 2013 semester. The two, who both enjoy art-based references in their biology courses, decided to have their students explore the nexus between art and biology. In order to get extra credit, students were required to submit an art-based project that explained a biological concept such as the movement of electrons in photosynthesis. The media of the presentation of concepts included Lego robotics, poetry, paintings, models and even a rap about glycolysis. Between the two classes more than 10 students participated. Artworks will be display in CS building on the Annandale Campus.

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