Dr. Tanya Ingram and Dean Michael Turner

Woodbridge FYE Program Celebrates Outstanding Students

Dr. Tanya Ingram and Dean Michael Turner
Dr. Tanya Ingram and Dean Michael Turner congratulate outstanding FYE students.

On April 1, the Woodbridge Campus Division of Student Services honored First Year Experience students who took a full load of classes during the fall and spring semesters and earned a 4.0 GPA.

Student Success Specialist Cedric Steele and Advising Specialist Carol Jones were very instrumental in helping with the preparations for this event. The program had great support from Student Success Coordinator Tanya Ingram, Dean of Students Michael Turner and Provost Sam Hill.

Dean Michael Turner and Dr. Sam Hill
Dean Michael Turner and Dr. Sam Hill with some of the outstanding FYE students.

The advising specialists are part of the GPS for Success initiative and are tasked with helping the students stay engaged and persistent in their academic career. The First Year Experience program is uniquely different and is charged with assisting students in becoming part of the NOVA community. One of the chief goals is to educate or re-educate the students on all the services that NOVA has to offer and to get them engaged from a Student Life perspective. Steele helped the students with this process throughout the past two semesters and is available to students to help them access services such as PIER (tutoring) and Library services that students would not ordinarily access.

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