Live flowers as well as books

A Collection of Art as Well as Books

Live flowers as well as books
Live flowers as well as books.

The Annandale Campus Library has renewed the look of its facility by installing artwork in creative places using creative materials. Among the eye-catching works are sound suppression panels with photographs of skateboards that students brought into the library.

As shown in the accompanying photograph, the Skateboards in the Library collection includes “Santa Cruz” and “Penny.” The panels will soon be installed on the library walls to suppress sound and improve the dowdy look of a public library.

The paper vase
The paper vase.

“We have also done some ‘upcycling’ of books that might have been discarded,” said Reference and Instruction Librarian Paula DeRoy.

One example of this adaptive use can be seen in the photograph of the “vase” of artificial flowers that started life as a Facts on File book of events of the 1950s. In a similar vein, the library staff created a display that includes live examples of plants and flowers to highlight books on plants and gardening.

Origami wall art
Origami wall art.

A colorful work of art greets patrons as they walk into the reading area of the library. On the front wall is a composition made of multicolored pieces of paper.

“We just call it our ‘origami wall art’ and it was inspired by a French street artist named Mademoiselle Maurice,” said DeRoy. “We even wrote to her and showed her our work. We got a very encouraging response from her and an offer to come to build one of her own installations here.”

Sound panel surf boards
Sound panel surf boards.

If you are in the neighborhood, you are invited to come by the Library on the third floor of the Godwin Building at the Annandale Campus and indulge your appetite for art as well as reading. As Elliot Eisner, emeritus professor of art and education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, said, “Art is literacy of the heart.”

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