Annandale Hosts Fulbright Pre-Departure Orientation

ProvostThe Annandale Campus Division of Languages and Literature was privileged to host the Fulbright Pre-Departure Orientation for 66 U. S. English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) to Sub-Saharan Africa and South and Central Asia June 9 to 12. Dr. Nataliya Schetchikova and Dr. Hayib Sosseh seamlessly co-directed the event that was designed to provide the ETAs practical pedagogy and methodological training in Teaching English as a Foreign/Second language. The orientation also afforded ETAs access to the expertise of a cadre of State Department and diplomatic officials. Ambassador Richard Roth (Senegal and Guinea-Bissau) graciously provided the keynote address for this event.

NOVA faculty members did a splendid job presenting, leading workshops and serving on panels throughout the event. They also provided ETAs opportunity to observe ESL classes that include students from many of the host countries to which they were assigned. In addition to the co-directors, Dr. Grace Hwang, Linda Millington, Dr. George Flowers, Til Turner, Dr. Karen Murph, Dr. Ramon Perez, Dr. Cheri Bridgeforth, Dr. Cecilia Wiltshire, Dr. Shirley Lee, Carol Ischinger and Joel Wiskin offered stellar presentations and expertise throughout the event. Many other faculty and staff members graciously served in a variety of ways large and small. Sergeant Christopher Ovenden and Community Outreach Officer Tony Ong covered important topics of security and personal safety as well.

As many of the NOVA presenters have extensive overseas teaching experience and bring years of experience as teacher trainers, instructors and scholars with the State Department or Fulbright Commission around the world, this event was perfectly suited for NOVA. The event also provided an excellent professional development opportunity for NOVA ESL faculty members.

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