Attention eVA Users, Buyers and Purchasers

To ensure prompt payment of NOVA invoices and eliminate duplication of work, any invoices you receive from vendors should be forwarded electronically to and not to individual employees within the Accounts Payables unit. Also, please do not copy any Accounts Payable employee on messages sent to the shared email address. If you do send an invoice electronically to the shared email box, it is not necessary to forward the hard copy of the invoice to the Controller’s Office via inter-company mail. This will only result in duplication of work and could potentially lead to duplicate payments.

PLEASE REMEMBER: NOVA Accounts Payable policy requires that all vendors send their invoices directly to NOVA’s: 
Office of the Controller
3924 Pender Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030-0971

PLEASE DO NOT share or encourage vendors to send invoices to the AskAP email address at this time. We are not yet configured to receive electronic invoices from vendors.

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