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Workforce Development and SBA Form Unique Partnership

SBA group
From left to right: Ron Beckwith, Lynn Orosco, Lorinzo Foxworth, William Gary,  Antonio Doss and Nicole Porter.

NOVA’s Workforce Development Division (WDD) and the Washington Metropolitan Area District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) signed a collaboration agreement to deliver small business training services. The agreement was signed by SBA District Director Antonio Doss and Vice President of Workforce Development William Gary, Sr. after SBA’s annual Small Business Awards Celebration on August 21.

“Our SBA-NOVA staffs synergized very quickly to bring this agreement from idea to reality,” said Doss. “Our joint brands create a stronger service identity throughout the metropolitan business community.”

The agreement provides a framework for NOVA and SBA to join together in providing small business training support on a range of crucial topics through periodic workshops and seminars. The organizations have already launched a co-branded workshop series at NOVA’s Ernst Center around the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for which participant feedback has been extraordinary. Known as “Second Tuesdays” because the ACA workshops will run on the second Tuesday of each month from now until year’s end, the joint ACA workshop schedule can be found online.

Beyond ACA, the WDD/SBA collaboration will offer periodic workshops on a range of timely business topics, including the SBA’s enormous portfolio of business resource capabilities in addition to NOVA’s customized business training services. Both organizations will leverage their strong membership and customer reach to connect the workshops and services directly to the business community.

“It goes without saying that this agreement represents an extraordinary teaming commitment that addresses the training and development needs of one of the most critical drivers of our regional economy,” said Gary. “From the very beginning, our planning discussions with the Washington Metropolitan SBA staff were high energy with engaging ideas. The potential of the collaboration was more than obvious.”

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