Dr. D'Antonio

Woodbridge Faculty Wins Honorable Mention in Publication

Dr. D'Antonio
Dr. D’Antonio with the Macfarlan Award

Congratulations to Professor of Business and Management Dr. Mark D. D’Antonio from the Woodbridge Campus. D’Antonio is the former program head of the Contract Management program at the Woodbridge Campus.

The journal article titled, “How to Mitigate Risk in a Portfolio of Contracts,” has been published in the September 2013 edition of the Journal of Contract Management published by the National Contract Management Association (NCMA). The article is a study that quantifies the risk and returns of contracts using various statistical analyses. The article shows how contrasting the risks to the returns of contracts can help to determine the “risk adjusted returns” of investment opportunities. Further evaluation of “risk adjusted returns” can help contractors to get higher levels of return while mitigating risk. The case highlights the need for organizational efficiency with regard to the use of organizational capital. The article also discusses how contract (investment) diversification can mitigate risks further. Finally, this research affords an organization the tools to place contracts in a portfolio and to think of investments in a more holistic sense, as part of that portfolio and not as individual holdings.

To read D’Antonio’s article (see page 33):


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