New Employees Are Ready For Their Tasks

New Employees Are Ready for Their Tasks

New Employees Are Ready For Their Tasks
Norman Brown and Feiven Zigita are excited about working for NOVA. The photo was taken in front of the Annandale Campus sign by the information desk in the Godwin Building.

On October 10, the Annandale Campus welcomed two new full-time employees. Norman Brown, who previously worked for Catholic University (CU), begins his NOVA career working out of the Pitney Bowes Building as a procurement officer, while Feiven Zigita will work in the Annandale Testing Center as a trainer and instructor.

During his CU career, Brown, a Maryland resident, was involved in efforts to make that campus more sustainable by reducing vehicles parked on campus through ride sharing, Zipcar, the Capital Bikeshare program, and other options.

While new to the full-time position, Zigita has been working in the Testing Center as a P-14 employee and is familiar with the center’s mission and procedures. Commuting from the Falls Church area, she is eager to help the many students who go through the testing process each year in her new capacity as a full-time instructor.

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