New Student Bloggers for the NOVA Chronicle

New Student Bloggers for the NOVA Chronicle

New Student Bloggers for the NOVA ChronicleEach year students volunteer to be bloggers and represent the College and their home campus. The students write blog posts for the NOVAChronicle, a collection of blogs written by students for current and future students. This academic year, there are seven new bloggers. The students were either recommended by their student life coordinator or volunteered through a callout on NOVAaccess.

Before becoming a student blogger, each student reviews and signs an agreement that details the guidelines for the content of their posts. The students write about their own experiences as a NOVA student. Topics include academic and extracurricular activities. All blog entries are reviewed by Internal Communications Specialist Heather Witmer.

You can access the new student blogs through the Connect With NOVA social media hub, read all the latest posts at or learn more about the bloggers on the Meet Our Student Bloggers Web page. The student writings provide an opportunity for current and future students to read about other NOVA students’ college experiences and interactions on the campuses.

Follow your favorite NOVAChronicle bloggers and leave comments. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Web Services and Digital Media of Marketing and Communications at

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