Honors Faculty Nurturing Students at Alexandria

Dr. Elizabeth Lanthier (PSY), Dr. Margaret Emblom-Callahan (BIO) and professor Shonette H. Grant (ENG) handpicked promising students from their Honors courses to present their work at the fall Honors Symposium hosted by the Alexandria Campus Honors Committee on November 20. The purpose of the symposium was to promote the work of Honors students and provide a venue for students to practice their presentation skills.  After working with Honors faculty to streamline their topics, the Honors students provided in-depth presentations that lasted about 20 minutes and included addressing questions from the audience.

Kewi Mgomezulu and Kyle Gosweiler of Lanthier’s Honors PSY 201 course analyzed recent statistics and trends in gun violence and gun trafficking, while Luis Cruz of Grant’s Honors HUM 220 course discussed the little known Houston, Texas, riots of 1917 and the subsequent secret hangings of 15 soldiers at Camp Logan. David Kirk of Emblom-Callahan’s Honors BIO 101 class shed light on various testing methods to determine the presence of e coli in cattle.

Provost Ronald Buchanan encouraged the Honors students to present at other student conferences. Alexandria Honors Chair, Grant, thanked the dedicated Honors faculty who mentor Honors students both in and out of the classroom.

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