Loudoun Celebrates Achieving the Dream Success

On October 31, the Loudoun Campus came together to celebrate the success of Achieving the Dream initiatives at NOVA. It was a true team effort, involving Loudoun High School Outreach Coordinator, Cathy Hall; Math Instructor, Johanna Debrecht; Communications Instructor, Lisa Nanni-Messegee; Student Life Coordinator, Tiffney Laing; Math Instructor, Sharis Ahmadi; Pathway Counselor, Jessie Green; English Instructor, Laura Young; Business Instructor, Mike Brazie; English Instructor, Steve Clarke and Vice President of Student Government, Lyons Sanchezconcha. Working alongside this committee, Garrett Hill coordinated the ‘Let’s Talk Comedy’ improvisation group performance, and former NOVA student, Kevin Williams, produced some humorous Halloween-themed animations to promote successful student decision-making.

Featured throughout the event were student speeches that highlighted potential nightmares that were successfully avoided, and speeches on how to advise students to identify paths that lead to success. Students spoke about their experiences in SDV, their involvement with Student Life and the help they received when seeking out advisement from advising specialists or faculty advisors.

Loudoun Achieving the Dream Committee Co-chair, Brazie, said, “It’s truly amazing what is possible when we work as a team. Dreams are absolutely possible when dreamers work together.”

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