Manassas Campus Hosts a Science Symposium

Manassas Campus Hosts a Science Symposium

Manassas Campus Hosts a Science Symposium
Dr. Ia Gomez (MA), assistant dean of science, during the welcome remarks.

On November 18, more than 150 students, faculty and staff attended a Science Symposium at the Manassas Campus. The event was organized by Dr. Ia Gomez, assistant dean of science. The Science Symposium consisted in a series of scientific presentations by researchers from the National Institutes of Health, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Georgetown University, George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Bode Technology Group and CERES Nanosciences, covering topics in areas like biotechnology, nanoscience, cancer research, bioinformatics, cell biology, neuroscience and forensics.

“This event served multiple purposes, including enrichment opportunities for students and provisional development for science faculty, establishing a connection between the science taught in our classrooms and research that goes behind the information in our science textbooks,” Gomez said.

Networking breakfast and lunch were provided by the event sponsors: NOVA Office of Student Success and the Prince William County Department of Economic Development. Excellent opportunities for future partnerships were highlighted including internships, job opportunities and transfer options for NOVA science students. NOVA’s Biotechnology Program was highlighted a few times during the event, with the first presenter of the day being a NOVA biotech graduate, and words of praise from some of the speakers who have employed biotechnology students. The event was highly rated by attendants who provided excellent feedback about the relevance and quality of the presentations, and the overall organization of event.

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