Sixth Annual GIS Day at NOVA's Reston Center

Sixth Annual GIS Day at NOVA’s Reston Center

Sixth Annual GIS Day at NOVA's Reston Center
An aerial photo of the Loudoun Campus parking lot, courtesy of Gustavo Zastrow, graced the top of the GIS Day cake.

On November 20, the Reston Center hosted the Sixth Annual International GIS Day with an audience of more than 50. Among the attendees were current NOVA students, geoscience high school students and teachers and other guests interested in learning more about GIS (geographic information system). This year, the event was sponsored by NOVA’s American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Student Chapter (ASPRS).

Guest speakers included a GST graduate who spoke about an affordable, homemade option for taking aerial photographs using a weather balloon and open source software; a senior member of ESRI’s Imagery Team spoke on remote sensing tools available with the latest ESRI software and a GIS analyst from Fairfax County Government discussed the integration of remote sensing and GIS.

Fielding questions from the audience, the senior imagery specialist and the GIS analyst discussed qualifications for GIS positions, future trends in technology and skills, a general employment outlook and other career-related topics.

After refreshments, NOVA’s ASPRS Student Chapter held its monthly meeting. Signatures were gathered to complete the application for the ASPRS Student Chapter to become an official NOVA club.

Please mark your calendars for the next GIS Day on November 19, 2014.

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