TRiP Continues with Great Success

TRiP Continues With Great Success

TRiP Continues with Great Success
From left to right: Karen Alex, Behzad Aryavand, Ruben Razuri-Castilla, Jr., Jeff Azimzadeh and Instructor David Campbell. Not pictured: Everlove Oku.

Recently, Technology Retraining internship Program (TRiP) students received the Network Technician Certificate. Students can achieve this certificate after successfully completing 66 hours of classroom and hands-on-training.

“TRiP” was launched in January 1998 as a unique response to the very real demand for qualified employees in northern Virginia’s information technology (IT) sector. TRiP is designed for professionals from varying fields who want to transition into IT. The program produces entry-level IT professionals with diverse and functional hands-on knowledge.

Students can learn more about the TRiP program by calling David Campbell at 703-323-3859 or Kofi Mitchual at 703-323-3829.

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