TAC Training Is Available

TAC Training Is Available

TAC logoThe Technology Applications Center (TAC) is your central spot for technology information at NOVA. TAC offers a wide variety of tutorials and resources to integrate technology in the classroom, online and for work processes.  

Registration is now available for TAC training. 

Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning creates flexible training opportunities and instant access to answers on common “how to” questions through step-by-step training workshops and projects. Atomic Learning makes it easy for learners to embrace technology and develop critical skills for success at school, work and in life. With just a few clicks, any of the 35,000 videos on more than 110 applications can be added to your Blackboard courses.

Watch the Atomic Learning Blackboard Building Block Video Overview to learn how you can incorporate Atomic Learning into your Blackboard courses. The handout in the Flyers section of this edition shows how to access the Atomic Learning Blackboard Build Block.

Adobe Creative Cloud Home Use

Adobe Creative Cloud is available as a download for home use for faculty and staff. To obtain instructions for the download, complete and return the NOVA Adobe Software Home Use Agreement to TAC at tac@nvcc.edu.

  • Review the agreement and select “Yes” for each of the lines of the agreement.
  • Please fill in the name, date, campus and division areas on the bottom of the form.
  • Choose the correct version of the Adobe suite in the software title area (either Windows or Mac).
  • Print the form, sign at employee signature, scan the signed version and email it to TAC.
  • A member of TAC will provide the Campus Contact Signature (you do not need to complete).

Once TAC staff have viewed the form for completion, you will receive an email that includes the link to access and download Adobe Create Cloud and Adobe XI Pro from the NOVA Software Download Library. Faculty and staff can download the software to only one system. If faculty and staff have any questions, please email tac@nvcc.edu.


Panopto is an easy-to-use way of creating course materials to enhance student learning. Panopto is lecture capture software allowing faculty to record, edit and share recorded lectures, demonstrations and/or supplemental learning materials. Panopto is integrated with Blackboard where students are able to review recordings.

TAC also offers training in SharePoint, AIS, eVA and AIS.

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