CETL Brown Bag Session: Flip, Click and Learn

CETL Brown Bag Session: Flip, Click and Learn

CETL Brown Bag Session: Flip, Click and Learn
From left to right: CETL Faculty Associate Dahlia Henry-Tett, Manassas faculty Laura Bhadra, Maryellen Ryan, Albert Hupp and Manassas TAC mentor Mocha Dyrud

On March 6, the Center for Excellence and Teaching, and the Technology Application Center co-sponsored a Brown Bag session on the Manassas Campus called “Flip, Click and Learn: Interactive Strategies for an Interactive Classroom.”

In “Developing Learner-Centered Teaching; a Practical Guide for Faculty,” Phyllis Blumberg wrote, “To meet the needs of today’s college student we may need to use a broad range of instructional strategies, especially those that engage and involve them in learning tasks.”

In this highly participatory session that encouraged a gradual approach to change from teacher-centered to learning-centered teaching, Manassas faculty, Laura Jean Bhadra and Maryellen Ryan, shared tips and strategies for developing an interactive classroom. Their goal was to encourage attendees to make learning a truly student-led experience by using techniques such as the flipped classroom, video lectures, student response devices, group discussion and publishers’ online-based learning systems.

Watch for this session to be repeated on other NOVA campuses.

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