“Play It Safe” at Alexandria

“Play It Safe” at Alexandria

“Play It Safe” at Alexandria Spring Break is considered a high-risk week, so members of the Alexandria Office of Student Life felt the urge to spread a simple message: “Play It Safe.” On March 5, Alcohol Awareness Day was successfully held in the cafeteria.

The United Prevention Coalition of Fairfax County, the Fairfax Alcohol Safety Action Program, NOVA Police, the Office of Student Conduct and professor, David Fernandez, accepted the invitation to participate in this event to encourage students to make informed and healthy choices while having fun. Fernandez strongly recommends that the Office of Student Life hosts this event every year before Spring Break. He especially liked that the activities were varied and students could try fancy mocktails, learn about the damaging effects caused by alcohol metabolism and fully understand the College disciplinary policies and procedures regarding substance abuse.

“Play It Safe” at Alexandria Lt. John M. Weinstein said, “This event clearly shows that NOVA cares about the students’ well-being. Thank you for inviting the NOVA College Police Department. We are always more than happy to serve students.”

Fortunately, the weather was nice and warm which allowed students to try the D.U.I Simulator. A sophomore admitted, “It [the simulator] is cool!  I have never driven after drinking before, so it is hard to imagine how alcohol can impair my vision, my judgment, as well as my ability to steer and brake.”

“Play It Safe” at Alexandria Student Life Coordinator, Viridiana G. Acosta, thanks everyone who made this event so enjoyable and educational for students.

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