April Earth Day Challenge

April Earth Day Challenge Make everyday Earth Day in April with Zimride at NOVA. Not only can you help reduce your carbon footprint by sharing your ride, you can also enter to win a Kindle Fire HD and Starbucks or Amazon Gift Cards. It is as easy as registering or signing in to NOVA’s Zimride network at www.zimride.com/nvcc and logging your daily commute in your Commute Calendar.

This Zimride Earth Day Sweepstakes is available across all of the Zimride partner networks. It is centered on the Commute Calendar feature to which all Zimride users have access. To enter the challenge, you must be a registered Zimride user of a private network and log at least one commute within the Commute Calendar between April 1 and April 30. However, users are encouraged to track their commute for the entire month of April.

The complete contest rules and prize details are available online.

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