Annandale MS&E Joins Women’s History Month Tech Fair

Annandale MS&E Joins Women’s History Month Tech Fair

Annandale MS&E Joins Women’s History Month Tech Fair
FCC commissioner speaks to a group of students about the importance of hard work, education, imagination and determination.

On March 5 and 6, faculty from Annandale Mathematics, Science and Engineering (MS&E) Division participated in the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Women’s History Month Tech Fair with a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The fair was held at FCC headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C., and local middle schools from the district were invited to attend. Approximately 330 middle school students attended the fair over the two days. Attendance was affected on March 5 due to a snow storm that caused most local schools to arrive two hours late. The Tech Fair was still a huge success.

Annandale MS&E Joins Women’s History Month Tech Fair
From left to right: Paige Highsmith, Deborah Nasseri and Margaret Roberts with the “STEM Tree” in the background.

Karen Bushaw-Newton (Biology), Paige Highsmith (Math), Deborah Nasseri (Math) and Margaret Roberts (Math) volunteered to support the event. NOVA faculty members provided three activities for the students: (1) making paper rockets and launching them with drinking straws, (2) playing a math game called “24” and (3) participating in group projects with a focus on written communication.

The students visited each exhibit in groups. When the students arrived at the NOVA exhibit, they were very enthusiastic about the activities and seemed to like the math game and rockets. Many also marveled at Nasseri’s unbelievable “STEM Tree.” It was a thing of beauty.

The middle schools were so impressed with the fair and NOVA specifically that many schools requested the contact information from the FCC coordinator with the intent of inviting NOVA to their career days.

Annandale MS&E Joins Women’s History Month Tech Fair
NOVA’s Tech Fair Table.

NOVA was joined by several other companies and institutions including Microsoft, Comcast, Cisco, Century Link, Discovery Channel, The Naval Academy and Montgomery College.

NOVA made a very good showing and created a great first impression on the FCC, the other attending organizations and the middle school students.

Highsmith would like to thank the many people who supported this effort. NOVA’s presence at the Tech Fair would have not been successful without the generosity and talents of Provost Barbara Saperstone, Dr. Abe Eftekhari (MS&E), Dr. Andrew Green (MS&E), Connie Childress (MS&E), Sharon Finch (MS&E), Dr. Karen Walters (Math), Barbara Tolley (Math), Bushaw-Newton, Nasseri, Roberts, Michael Graham (Purchasing), Kenneth Kapko (Purchasing), Tom DiCato (Student Life), Jessica Gardner (Student Life), Noor Naveed (Student Life), Bob Hull (Campus and Community Outreach), Rob Woodke (Engineering) and Sheldon Soon (Physics).

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