NOVA Visits International Gourmet Foods in Springfield

NOVA Visits International Gourmet Foods in Springfield

NOVA Visits International Gourmet Foods in Springfield
From left to right: Chef Wilhelm Jonach, Cheryl Davidson, Eric Tsai, Chef Mike Herbert and Ankit.

On April 22, NOVA Chefs Mike Herbert and Wilhelm Jonach took a group of culinary students to International Gourmet Foods Inc. (IGF) in Springfield, Va., for a facility tour and presentation.

IGF serves high-end restaurants and caterers, and NOVA students got a firsthand look at the wide variety of the products they carry. Sheri Iannarelli, account executive for IGF, gave a brief history of the company, their product line and the company’s philosophy.

Cheese specialist Karen Dee presented a variety of gourmet cheeses for everyone to sample and savor. A NOVA student remarked, “I never knew cheese was this fascinating.”

Chef Patrice De Bortoli, IGF protein specialist, exhibited a charcuterie platter of delectable cold cuts and breads which everyone relished.

Tina Paolantonio, IGF director of sales and marketing, took the group on a tour of the warehouse and offices and explained about ordering and delivering, and how IGF partners with their customers to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

NOVA students truly appreciated how everyone involved took the time and effort to enrich their learning experience.

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  1. Did you know that they give only 3 days of sick days to their employees for the WHOLE year (people will come in sick, bleeding, with contagious diseases) and constantly overwork their hispanic truck drivers WITHOUT overtime pay by putting them on salary and making them go over their 40 hours. They also leave an accounting female employee after the WHOLE office leaves at 5pm and the accounting office and IGF bosses MAKE her stay until at least 11pm at night until she finishes. If you don’t finish the work on time you are considered a bad employee at this place yet the friends and family of the bosses at IGF are treated with more respect and more fair than the other employees. I don’t know how NOVA or anybody else does business with these people.

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