NVCC Hat Appears in “Downee Ocean, Hon!”

NVCC Hat Appears in “Downee Ocean, Hon!”

NVCC Hat Appears in “Downee Ocean, Hon!”
Maureen, Jack and Mark Townsend show off their biking skills along the Ocean City boardwalk. A video crew filmed them last summer for “Downee Ocean, Hon!” airing on Maryland Public Television.

Library Specialist Maureen Townsend (MA) was enjoying a relaxing vacation with her family in Ocean City, Md., last summer when she was captured wearing an NVCC hat by a film crew for Maryland Public Television.

“They were creating a program about Ocean City and asked if they could film us riding bikes along the boardwalk,” Townsend said. “It sounded like fun so we agreed.”

Mark, Maureen and Jack Townsend spent about two hours with the film crew, riding their bikes and talking about vacationing in Ocean City. She was delighted to learn recently that they made it into the finished piece called “Downee Ocean, Hon!”

“We appear in the first five minutes of the program and you can see my NVCC hat,” Townsend said. “My hat actually says NVCC Manassas Campus but only part of the hat is visible.”

Maryland Public Television calls the program “a vividly shot one-hour trip to the beach, filled with loads of fun, sun and salt water taffy. From the beach to the boardwalk, from the Ferris Wheel to Fager’s Island, from sunrise on the beach to nightlife by the bay, “Downee Ocean, Hon!” captures the OC experience, from the rich history, family traditions and small-town charm that’s kept Ocean City as Maryland’s top vacation spot.”

Check your local listings for future airings of “Downee Ocean, Hon!” and watch for Townsend, her family and her NVCC hat.

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