Woodbridge Hosts the Right to Speak Competition

Woodbridge Hosts the Right to Speak Competition

Woodbridge Hosts the Right to Speak Competition
From left to right: First place winners Dereck Jackson, Sylvia Edemobi, Travis Somuah, Manuel Delarosa, and Colin Watson at The Right to Speak competition.

On April 24, the Woodbridge Campus hosted The Right to Speak, a speech competition intended to allow NOVA students to express their voice to the community. Participants delivered speeches in the following categories: informative speaking, persuasive speaking and group infomercial.

Donna Clark (WO), Fred Markham (WO), Michelle Klink (WO), Saleha Bholat (LO) and John Turner (WO) judged the preliminary and final rounds of the competition.

Colin Watson won first place in both the informative and persuasive speaking categories. Additionally, Jennifer Allen won second place for informative speaking, while Abdullah Qureshi won third place in this same category. Jasmine Singletary won second place in the persuasive speaking category, while Carol Earhardt won third place.

For the group infomercials, Dereck Jackson, Manuel Delarosa, Sylvia Edemobi and Travis Somuah won first place. Tony Duran, Julie Cisneros and Rayan Rahman won second place. Mahbub Rahman, Matthew Sozio, Jordan Digby and Denzel Thomas won third place.

David Tyson and Jenny Lopez, event coordinators for the speech competition, look forward to hosting a second event during the next academic year.

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