Annandale Student Life Takes Students to the Edge

Annandale Student Life Takes Students to the EDGE

Annandale Student Life Takes Students to the Edge As the spring semester was wrapping up, student clubs at Annandale elected new executive boards. To give these student leaders a leg up on the fall semester, Annandale Student Life took them to the George Mason EDGE.

Once students arrived the first order of business was to understand what “the EDGE” really means. The EDGE for this experience was the edge of their comfort zone, a place where students should push themselves in order to learn and grow as leaders. From there students participated in team building activities that could easily be applied to their student clubs. Next, they progressed to low ropes course obstacles which challenged them as leaders and in some cases asked them to be attentive followers.
The day culminated with the trip to the EDGE tower. Again students were told it was challenge by choice, but were encouraged to go to the edge of their comfort zone.

Annandale Student Life Takes Students to the Edge They were asked to set two goals — one that they were sure they could obtain and one that they hoped they could achieve. Not every student made it to the top of the tower. However, with the support of their teammates each student surpassed their initial goal. Armed with new found confidence, team building skills and a new network of student leaders to rely on, Annandale students are sure to have a successful fall pushing themselves and their clubs to the edge.

Special thanks to Annandale Student Life for ensuring students have these types of unique and enriching experiences.

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