Loudoun Honors Adjunct Faculty at Third Annual Dinner

Loudoun Honors Adjunct Faculty at Third Annual Dinner

Loudoun Honors Adjunct Faculty at Third Annual Dinner
From left to right: Front row: Susan Johnson, Sandi Nicholson, Dr. Julie Leidig and Fabiana Cesa; Middle row: Chetna Shekhawat, Kristal Menchaca, Patricia Dickinson, Debbie Rice, Rachel Sweeney, James Nevins, Charles Ellerbe and Riley Dwyer; Back row: Joe Agnich, Frank Carbo, Bill McFadden, Syama Chaudhuri, Ann-Marie Lanius, Alton “Bud” Tripp and Christine Eldreth. Awarded but not pictured: Mathina Calliope, Jason Clark, Tom Gutnick, Nona Reynolds, Alicia Steffann, Nicholas Zefran and Marsil Zook.

The Loudoun Campus held its third annual Adjunct Faculty Recognition Dinner on April 24.

The event recognized and honored two groups of 2013-2014 adjunct faculty: those who have successfully completed Tier Two professional development projects and those who have served in leadership positions within the Loudoun Adjunct Professional Development (APD) program.

Adjunct faculty who received Tier Two Completion certificates included Mathina Calliope, Fabiana Cesa, Jason Clark, Patricia Dickinson, Christine Eldreth, Kristal Menchaca, James Nevins, Chetna Shekhawat, Alton Tripp and Nicholas Zefran. 

Adjunct faculty commended for leadership included Frank Carbo, Syama Chaudhuri, Tom Gutnick, Ann-Marie Lanius, Bill McFadden, Nona Reynolds, Deborah Rice, Alicia Steffann, Rachel Sweeney and Marsil Zook.

Attendees included Provost Julie Leidig, Acting Dean of Science Joe Agnich, Dean of Humanities Riley Dwyer, APD Program co-chairs Susan Johnson and Sandi Nicholson, assistant deans, program heads and many adjunct faculty.

As part of Loudoun’s APD program, adjunct faculty take part in developing a personalized Tier Two project which includes attending Tier Two seminars, building a teaching philosophy, actively participating in professional development opportunities, planning for future professional development, submitting their projects in electronic format and ending with a discussion of their project.

Through the program adjunct faculty develop various aspects of college-level instruction including connecting with students, building meaningful curriculum, building relationships with colleagues across the Campus and promoting student success, learning, academic engagement, advocacy and ethical practice.

The next APD Day will be Saturday, August 16. The day promises an enriching opportunity for adjunct faculty to share best practices, conduct and attend workshops, discuss common issues, and learn from colleagues.

For more information, please contact Nicholson at snicholson@nvcc.edu.

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  1. that is a really nice gesture. Plus an incentive to get more adjuncts more actively involved in professional development and leadership roles at the college. Perhaps the other campuses – or the entire college – should consider such an annual program like this to honor deserving adjunct faculty.

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