Manassas Professors Share Artwork

Manassas Professors Share Artwork

Manassas Professors Share Artwork
From right to left: Cindy Klink, Barbara Lash, Dee Bishop, Heidi Adamson and Rosemary Gallick hung artwork throughout Manassas Innovation Park to create a more pleasing environment.

Art professors Rosemary Gallick and Barbara Lash recently used their creative talents to improve the aesthetics at Manassas Innovation Park.

“Over the years, we have collected more posters and prints than can be displayed at the Manassas Campus,” Lash said. “When we learned about the bare walls at Innovation Park, it seemed like a natural solution to use the extra art to make our off-campus location a more pleasing environment for students and the people who work there.”

Lash and Gallick hung about a dozen museum posters in the hallways, adding style and character to the site. Dean Heidi Adamson and administrative assistants Dee Bishop and Cindy Klink provided support by offering suggestions on the best places to hang the posters and even climbed the ladder to position the prints.

“Art is the universal language,” Gallick said. “We hope everyone who visits Innovation Park will be inspired by the enhanced atmosphere.”

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