Positive ID: Bodies and Subjectivities in Photo

“Positive ID: Bodies and Subjectivities in Photo” is on exhibit through September 26 at the Woodbridge Campus. The Gallery at the Woodbridge Campus is located on the first floor of the Arts and Sciences Building (WAS 123) and is accessible to people with disabilities. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

“Positive ID” focuses on contemporary photographic works by new and established artists who investigate identity through the locus of the body that emerges as a result of existing in hybrid cultural, political and economic spaces.

The selected artists for “Positive ID” address a number of issues that include the bodily relation to space, interpersonal relationships, transnationality, age, ephemerality, race, body distortion, gender and transgender. The artists include Robert Dupree (New York), Linda Adele Goodine (Indiana), Lamia Khorshid (Florida), Sara Northerner (Kentucky), Rhashia Sawyer (Virginia), Charles Sessoms (District of Columbia), Clarissa Sligh (North Carolina), Aiden Simon (New York), Daniel Alexander Smith (Indiana), Suzanne Szucs (Minnesota) and Erin Zerbe (Michigan).

Please see the event flyer in the Flyers section of this edition. For further information, contact Gallery Director Erin Devine at edevine@nvcc.edu.

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