Annandale Welcomes Papa John’s Operations Director

Annandale Welcomes Papa John’s Operations Director

Annandale Welcomes Papa John’s Operations Director
Papa John’s Pizza Operations Director Justin Hamacher shows students how to stretch and form pizza dough.

On September 3, Justin Hamacher, Papa John’s Pizza operations director for the Fairfax area, spoke to a group of culinary students at the Annandale Campus.

Hamacher spoke about online ordering and mobile applications and the impact they have on operations. He explained how online ordering has increased from 10 percent of sales when it began to over 50 percent now. He also said the technology helps to increase customer satisfaction by reducing human error, improve ticket averages by 10 percent, reduce costs and increase efficiency. In addition, Papa John’s uses the applications as analytical and forecasting tools. He emphasized how online ordering and mobile applications have changed, and will continue to change, the nature of the food and the hospitality industry.

Hamacher demonstrated for students how Papa John’s stretches and forms pizza dough and how they make and bake pizzas. Making pizza looked easy when Hamacher used his years of experience to form and shape the dough, but the students quickly found out it is not as simple as it appears. Students poked, prodded, pounded and stretched the dough as he coached them to help make the pizza dough presentable. He then showed the students how to spread the sauce, top the pizzas with cheese and then bake the finished product for an enjoyable mid-afternoon snack.

Everyone appreciated Hamacher sharing his time and knowledge to benefit NOVA students.


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