Council on Virginia’s Future Visits the MEC

The Council on Virginia’s Future visited the Medical Education Campus (MEC) and met during the NoVaHealthFORCE CEO Roundtable on October 22. Gerry Hofler is the NoVaHealthFORCE program manager. During their visit, Executive Director Jane Kusiak and Policy Analyst Kim McKay from the council learned the history of NoVaHealthFORCE and discussed how HealthFORCE worked toward establishing a workforce baseline for the health care industry in Northern Virginia, as well as performance-based decision making and sustainability. The state scorecard on Virginia Performs recently highlighted NoVaHealthFORCE as a Stage 5 ongoing, sustainable partnership, compared to other regions of the state.

Created in 2003, NoVaHealthFORCE is a consortium of health care providers, higher educational leaders, businesses and the Skill Source Group, Inc., whose mission is to address health care workforce issues in the Northern Virginia region. It represents the first time that these issues have been addressed by a broad spectrum of constituents.

The Council on Virginia’s Future was created to develop long-term, results-based planning for state government through the implementation of a Roadmap for Virginia’s Future. To learn more, go online.

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