“What You Can’t See and Other Matters” at Manassas

“What You Can’t See and Other Matters” at Manassas

 “What You Can’t See and Other Matters” at Manassas
Professor Rosemary Gallick, Jean Lauzon and Professor Barbara Lash celebrated Lauzon’s art exhibition at the Manassas Campus.

On December 3, the Manassas Campus held a reception for Jean Lauzon who is exhibiting her paintings in the Colgan Hall gallery until the end of January.

Formerly a NOVA adjunct, Lauzon currently serves as a department chair at Germanna Community College. In addition to NOVA faculty, staff and students, several of Lauzon’s Germanna colleagues attended the event.

Called “What You Can’t See and Other Matters,” the show features acrylic paintings and mixed media works of watercolor, ink and colored pencil. Lauzon incorporated silhouettes, overlapping layers of lines, and repetitions of hand-drawn, hand-cut stencils of ducks, flowers and figures to present a moment, real or otherwise. Lauzon considers her paintings to be post-modernist because she combines modernist painting strategies with narrative content.

“I’m interested in depicting what you can’t see just by looking at something,” she said. “Who can directly see a dream, a memory or a law of physics? Can various thoughts or views be synthesized into one image?”

Her art is an exploration of materials and techniques, styles and subjects, influences and ideas, with drawing as the stable foundation. She’s interested in observation: the curvilinear forms of plants and animals, the gesture of unaware figures who appear bored or busy in their usual habitat and the brilliant light of the ordinary day.

To learn more, contact Professor Rosemary Gallick at rgallick@nvcc.edu.

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