NOVA Honors Annual Pinning Ceremony

NOVA Honors Program Annual Pinning Ceremony

NOVA Honors Annual Pinning Ceremony The NOVA Honors Program welcomed 40 new students to the College’s rigorous Honors Program at the annual Pinning Ceremony hosted by the Annandale Campus on February 12. More than 100 people celebrated the academic commitment made by NOVA Honors students to complete the Honors core curriculum of 18 credits of Honors courses with at least a 3.275 GPA.

Annandale Provost Barbara Saperstone was the guest speaker for this memorable occasion. Her inspirational speech focused on being a leader and stepping up to challenges many young students face in their academic careers.

NOVA Honors Annual Pinning Ceremony Students were also congratulated by family, friends, faculty, staff and the NOVA Honors Committee by Associate Vice President of Academic Services Sheri Robertson, Honors College Coordinator Stacy Rice and the Honors Campus chairs: Dr. Paul Fitzgerald (AN), Dr. Rebecca Hayes (MA), Steve Clarke (LO) and LeeAnn Thomas (WO). Mike Amey (AL) was not present. Also in attendance was Manassas Dean of Students Mark Kidd, Annandale Languages and Literature Dean Charlotte Calobrisi and Academic Services Educational Specialist Christiane Silva.

The program currently has over 200 Honors students. This is the second year for this event which serves as an official induction into the Honors Program. The collegewide ceremony also allows students from every campus to come together in support and recognition of their dedication to the program. Forty of the 80 new members attended this year’s event. Attendees, including the 19 2014-2015 NOVA Honors Scholarship winners, were pinned by their respective campus Honors chair and took the Honors Program oath of commitment.

The NOVA Honors Program is proud to welcome these wonderful students into the Honors family. Special thanks to everyone who made this event possible and for the continued support from the College.

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