Marshall High School Culinary Academy Students Visit NOVA

On March 25, a group of 15 students from Marshall High School’s Culinary Academy visited NOVA’s Hospitality Program at the Annandale Campus. Accompanied by instructors Ciarin Devlin, Helen Shaefer, Chap Fay and Career Experience Specialist Shelli Carpenter Farquharson, the students got an idea of what NOVA has to offer.

The group was welcomed by Chef Mike Herbert and Program Director Janet Sass, who spoke about the various curricula in the hospitality degree and certificate programs. Sass emphasized how the assortment of required classes makes for a well-rounded, better prepared professional. Herbert emphasized how the three chef instructors at NOVA have over 100 years real-world experience and how they apply this experience to their instruction.

As the students enjoyed apple strudel, Chef Wilhelm Jonach entertained them with anecdotes of his life as a chef. After the students toured the kitchen, Chef Benita Wong spoke to them about the American Culinary Federation Apprenticeship Program at NOVA. The students left with a fresh understanding and appreciation of NOVA.

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