The Community Comes Out for Another Shred

The Community Comes Out for Another Shred Event

The Community Comes Out for Another Shred
Shred-it trucks are lined up with volunteers ready to take boxes of paper to be shredded in industrial shredders aboard the trucks.

On March 28, the Annandale Campus hosted a Community Shred event for the ninth straight year. Sponsored by NBC-4 and Allstate Insurance, the event was originally scheduled for March 7, but had to be rescheduled because of the snowstorm that closed the College March 5 and 6.

“The weather was cold and it was a smaller crowd largely due to the cancellation of the original date,” said Annandale Acting Police Lt. D. J. Anglin III who oversaw the event.

Promoted during NBC-4 news programs, the annual Community Shred events have attracted thousands of people who arrive in cars and trucks from all over the D.C. metro area.

“We were close to 2,000 but most of them came in the morning and then traffic died off,” said Robert Scott from the Fairfax County Solid Waste Department which collects the shredded paper and leftover boxes.

The Community Comes Out for Another Shred
NOVA Police Officer George Nformi helps direct traffic through the Annandale Campus during the Community Shred event.

Last year, 45 tons of paper were shredded which was a record amount for the Community Shred events at NOVA. This year, the total was about 39 tons of paper according to Shred-it District General Manager Sean Wynn. Shred-it supplied 12 heavy-duty trucks to destroy the documents.

The biggest logistical problem for the event is traffic management. Campus Police developed the traffic plan with assistance from Fairfax County Police motorcycle officers. To prevent a backup on Little River Turnpike, vehicles were sent on a winding route through the Campus instead of directly to the parking lot where the shredding occurs.

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