MEC Library Collaborates With Nursing at New Horizons

On April 2, Librarian Kristin Snawder and Dr. Mary Moseley (Nursing) presented at the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) New Horizons Conference on a collaborative project which has brought library instructors into the nursing classroom at the Medical Education Campus (MEC).

For several semesters, librarians have been embedded in Mosley’s Nursing Organization and Management (NUR 255) course. As an embedded librarian, Snawder participates actively in the course, working with Mosley and the students on using library resources for a research-heavy course assignment. Snawder and Mosley’s presentation highlighted their experiences with the embedded librarian project and the changes they have seen in student learning. These changes include an increase in interactions with the librarians, the expansion of knowledge and understanding due to using appropriate research materials, and an increase in students’ understanding of the project and what is expected of them.

The audience was excited about the concept of embedding a librarian into a course and was very enthusiastic about the outcomes that Snawder and Mosley have seen.

Mosley said, “Kristin was an instructor in the course and contributed immensely to the selection of research topics.”

She also noted that students have become more exposed to research-based medical literature and databases.

Snawder stated that the embedded librarian project has increased the students’ comfort levels with the library and library resources. Both Mosley and Snawder are interested in expanding the embedded librarian program to other nursing courses and see the potential for embedding in other programs at the Medical Education Campus.

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