NOVA Faculty Named Fulbright Awardees

NOVA Faculty Named Fulbright Awardees

NOVA Faculty Named Fulbright Awardees
Dr. Fonya C. Atabong.

NOVA is excited to acknowledge Dr. Fonya C. Atabong and Professor Bill Woodard who have been named as Fulbright Scholars for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Atabong is assistant professor of medical surgical/pediatric nursing at the Medical Education Campus. She will teach medical, surgical and pediatric nursing at the University of Buea (her host institution) in Cameroon. In addition, she will join other collaborators to address Cameroon’s Ministry of Health focus to enhance nursing education and train midwives to combat maternal and child mortalities from diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS. University of Buea has been appointed to support the Ministry of Health’s midwifery centers throughout the country.

“I am very excited and more than grateful to Fulbright to have recognized my past work and potential and to have given me such a scholarly recognition to continue my passion to enhance nursing education abroad, especially in my country of birth,” Atabong said. “I am one of few privileged people to have gained so much intellectually from my professors and mentors here in the United States and, as such, giving back to a community to reduce morbidity and mortality rates of its population was not a difficult decision for me. I look forward to a collegial and fruitful experience.”

NOVA Faculty Named Fulbright Awardees
Professor Bill Woodard.

Woodard is an associate professor and program head of English as a Second Language at the Manassas Campus. He will use his Fulbright grant to teach in the graduate program in English language instruction in the Department of Language Sciences at the Catholic University of Chile. His stay in the capital city of Santiago will be during the fall which is considered spring term in Chile. His project will focus on teaching English for academic purposes, in particular on how to maximize the interconnection of reading and writing in preparing students for upper-level coursework and essay writing.

“I would like thank my colleagues for their support in the Fulbright application process and thank my division dean, Dr. Molly Lynch, and provost, Dr. Roger Ramsammy, for making it possible for me to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. I would also encourage any NOVA faculty member who is considering applying for a Fulbright grant to do so. While the application process is a bit daunting, the potential reward is more than worth the effort,” Woodard said.

The Loudoun Campus has been selected to host a visiting Fulbright scholar from Russia during the 2015 fall semester.

Professor Maxim Mokeev of the Stolypin Volga Regional Institute of Administration will offer NOVA his expertise on fighting corruption within local government and his general field of expertise, public administration. Since NOVA is currently developing a new public administration program, Mokeev’s presence will help stimulate interest in the field among students. He will engage with NOVA campuses and the community while also gaining a deeper understanding of the ways community colleges fit into the U.S. higher education system.

NOVA has hosted previous Fulbright Scholars-in-Residence from China, India and Rwanda on various campuses in recent years, sometimes in collaboration with George Mason University.

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