Loudoun Hosts Workshop for High Schoolers

Loudoun Hosts Workshop for High Schoolers

On April 24, Loudoun Art Professor Donald Depuydt held a printmaking workshop for 10 Dominion High School art students and their art teacher Shannon Freeman.

The workshop was held in the Loudoun Campus Fine Arts Print Shop and students showed great enthusiasm about the opportunity for hands-on college art work. The workshop included demonstrations in woodcut, lithography and etching. During the workshop, each student created and printed their own original etching.

While on campus, Dominion students also had the opportunity to visit the Waddell Art Gallery and view the Loudoun Student Art Exhibit. Depuydt acts as the gallery manager, helping to operate and curate shows at the Waddell Gallery.

2 thoughts on “Loudoun Hosts Workshop for High Schoolers

  1. Just wondering whether you still have Alexandria Fine Arts Program and if there is still an opportunity to study lithography at NOVA.
    My gmail address is lithono54@gmail.com and I fear, speaks for itself, as lithography is becoming a skill of the past, and I am (sadly) becoming a creature of the past, as well.
    Best, V.A. Russell

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