June 15: 10 Years of Nature Photography Day

June 15: 10 Years of Nature Photography Day

June 15: 10 Years of Nature Photography Day
NOVA’s Memorial Butterfly Garden at Annandale is an ideal spot for photo opportunities. It is located on the lower level of the campus, between the CC and CT Buildings.
Photo by Shirley Nuhn

Annandale English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor Shirley Nuhn helped spearhead the national observance of Nature Photography Day in 2006, through the North American Nature Photography Association.

“Students and I have often gone out to explore the natural world on or near June 15,” Nuhn said.

Year round, she finds that her ESL students are serious about safeguarding the environment, a theme she builds into every ESL course she teaches.

“Photography opens doors,” according to Nuhn. “It’s a fabulous means of storytelling and even changing the world.”

She emphasizes that patience and concentration are musts in photographing wildlife and natural scenes. This year, June 15 is a Monday, so the occasion could be a creative start to a week of classes and other work. Thanks in part to social media and enthusiasm by the general public, Nature Photography Day now extends internationally. Nuhn produces public service announcements and media materials each year. Details are available at http://www.nanpa.org/nature_photography_day.php.

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