Custodial Staff Appreciation Luncheon at Manassas

The Manassas Campus Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Student Government Association (SGA) sponsored a Custodial Staff Appreciation Lunch on June 12. Along with their advisors Marrium Saleem (MSA) and Cari Dresser (SGA), the groups wanted to take the time to let the custodial staff know that their efforts on Campus do not go unnoticed and that they are a vital part of making Manassas wonderful. In addition to lunch, MSA and SGA gave the custodial staff goodie bags with NOVA paraphernalia.

The NOVA Manassas custodial staff includes: Claudia Cerrato, Evelinda Moraga, Amy Bonilla, Delsa Velasquez, Marisol L. Ruiz and Adelma Aguilar. Managers Gina Riddle and Fausto Fonseca were also on hand to celebrate the custodial staff.

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