MEC Financial Aid Specialist Interns with Senator Warner

MEC Financial Aid Specialist Interns With Senator Warner

MEC Financial Aid Specialist Interns with Senator Warner
MEC Financial Aid Specialist Sadaf Masud with U.S. Senator Tim Kaine at the Commonwealth Coffee on June 11 at Russell Senate Office Building.

Sadaf Masud started NOVA as a Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program student. Currently, in her senior year at George Mason University, Masud works part-time as a financial aid specialist with the College Financial Aid Office assigned to Medical Education Campus (MEC) Student Services. This summer, she was selected as a year-round intern for U.S. Senator Mark Warner’s Office in Vienna, Virginia. Her academic background, professional experience and her genuine interest in the federal legislative process were the right elements to secure this highly desired opportunity.

“It is a unique position from which to observe and participate in government work,” Masud said. “It will definitely nurture my leadership skills and prepare me for future public service as I progress in my internship and as I am afforded more responsibilities in press, correspondence, scheduling and legislative policy areas.”

At 23 years old, Masud effectively balances priorities and approaches responsibilities with a positive attitude and genuine concern. She remembers when she was six years old and her family had to leave Afghanistan because of the arrival of the Taliban. They somehow made their way to Russia and later on to the United States. After learning English as a third language in primary school and later on finishing the International Baccalaureate Program at Gar-field Senior High School in Woodbridge, Virginia, she was accepted into the Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program and was one of the first students in that program who graduated within the two-year mark.

MEC Financial Aid Specialist Interns with Senator Warner
Sadaf Masud proudly posing with U.S. senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.

At George Mason, Masud’s major is global affairs with a minor in business management and concentration in media, communication and culture. So far, her undergraduate degree classes have provided her with the academic foundation, professional contacts and social experience to be successful and to focus on her next career goal: acceptance into the accelerated master’s degree program in global affairs.

At NOVA, Masud’s main responsibilities include students’ counseling and advising about financial aid eligibility and providing accurate information, either in-person or by creating documents that require tailoring the message and language for a specific purpose to students, parents or guardians. In addition, she has to evaluate and analyze various system-generated reports, conduct outreach, campus tours and supervise a federal work-study student.

Congrats to Masud on this wonderful opportunity.

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