Annandale Welcomes Administrators from China

Annandale Welcomes Administrators From China

Annandale Welcomes Administrators from China
Interim Dean Bruce Mann accepts the gift of a fan from Lei Ma.

Annandale Division of Languages and Literature recently hosted an informative session for academic administrators from Tianjin, China, outlining the role of the community college in the U.S. educational structure. Administrators from a variety of Tianjin universities, graduate programs, and district level offices came as part of the Fourth Round Training Courses for the Administrators in America at the invitation Global Studies and Programs Associate Vice President Paul McVeigh. The principle administrators of this program were Vice President Lei Ma of Tianjin University of Technology and Education and Division of Academic Affairs Deputy Division Chief Genghuang Yang.

Annandale Welcomes Administrators from China
Group photo with Interim Provost Charlotte Calobrisi.

English as a Second Language Professor Wilma Parker coordinated the event and led the tour of the Campus. Interim Provost Charlotte Calobrisi welcomed the group, and Interim Dean Bruce Mann and Associate Dean Jen Daniels presented.

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