Chef Nate Morgan of Joyce Farms visits NOVA

Chef Nate Morgan of Joyce Farms Visits NOVA

Chef Nate Morgan of Joyce Farms visits NOVA
Chef Nate Morgan demonstrates the chicken breast airline cut.

On September 9, Corporate Chef Nate Morgan, from Joyce Farms in Winston Salem, North Carolina, visited the Annandale Campus to educate the culinary students about poultry. His talk included how commercial poultry breeders breed, raise, slaughter, process and package commercial broilers, and how it is fully mechanized and automated.

He then informed the students about how confusing some of the marketing claims can be, such as ”organic,” “all natural,” “free range,” “hormone free,” etc. Most of the students had misconceptions about these terms and learned how these terms often mislead consumers. Morgan then demonstrated how Joyce Farms differs in their small, non-automated poultry processing, and why that matters.

Morgan proceeded to the kitchen, where he demonstrated different ways to cut chickens, from the standard commercial eight-cut to more specialized custom chicken cuts. He also showed “airline” chicken breast and thigh cuts, specialty wing cuts and how the chicken processors utilize every bit of the bird. He explained how Alvin Joyce, founder of Joyce Farms, traveled the world to find the best chicken, which is the “poulet rouge,” or red- feathered chicken in French. These chickens are raised in an open field for 12 weeks, as opposed to how most chickens are raised, which is 40 days in an indoor chicken raising facility.

The students appreciated how Morgan shared his knowledge, expertise and helped further their education of this vital, but little understood aspect of the culinary field.


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