NOVACares: I Care, You Care, We All Care

Have you heard of NOVACares? Everyone can help to make NOVA campuses safe. NOVACares provides a way for students, faculty and staff to report any concerning behaviors or communication that they become aware of within the College community. Simply report your concerns online at

At NOVACares, we are often asked “What happens after I file a report?”

All reports are reviewed by the NOVACares Office within two working days (please make sure to call NOVA Police immediately if you have an urgent concern). The report is reviewed to ensure the situation is not urgent or high risk and is then forwarded to the most appropriate responder. For example:

  • Reports that indicate a violation of the student code of conduct will most likely be referred to the dean of students or conduct officer of that particular campus.
  • Reports that indicate a student is in distress and/or is in need of support will be forwarded to the campus CARE Team.
  • Reports regarding faculty are sent to Human Resources.
  • Reports concerning academic integrity are forwarded to the individual professor and the academic dean.

As a reporter, you will be notified that the information you have provided has been reviewed and assigned. You will be given contact information of the responder handling your concern and you may be contacted by the responder if additional information is needed.

We need your input to make NOVACares a success. Please become a partner and help. If you see something, say something.

For more information on the NOVACares reporting system, please contact Monica Chenault at or 703.425.5472.

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