Troy Kurz Pens Short Story

Troy Kurz Pens Short Story

Troy Kurz Pens Short Story “Drinking with Mr. Bone Crow,” a short story by Manassas electrician Troy Dean Kurz, was recently published in “Trick or Treat! A Collection of Spooky Stories.”

In his tale, Kurz writes about a mysterious stranger who arrives at the local pub where a grieving man is trying to drown his sorrow.

“My story relates to the fact that sometimes in life, when things get you down, you just want to give up and disappear in a drunken haze,” Kurz said. “The problem is, sometimes you do get what you want.”

His writing roots date back to a childhood spent reading comics and novels such as “The Gunslinger” by Stephen King.

“I’ve been writing off and on since my early twenties and now have found the time to work on my craft. This is my first published short story and hopefully there will be many more,” he said.

Kurz has been an electrician for 25 years. He lives in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, with his girlfriend, daughter, two dogs and a couple of cats. He also has three grown sons.

“I’ve always had a pretty wild imagination,” Kurz said. “Turning that imagery into art through words isn’t as easy as you would think but I love the challenge and when someone enjoys my work it’s even better.”

Kurz is currently working on his first novel and also plans to complete a series of short story collections featuring the strange things he sees in his mind so others can enjoy them, too.

Published by Possibilities Publishing Company, “Trick or Treat! A Collection of Spooky Stories” is available from in both paperback and e-book formats. To learn more, email

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  1. Troy’s book is available in the Manassas Library as part of its Halloween display. His story is extremely well written and truly scary. Read it if you dare!

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