2nd Annual MAN UP Induction Ceremony at Woodbridge

2nd Annual MAN UP Induction Ceremony at Woodbridge

2nd Annual MAN UP Induction Ceremony at Woodbridge A total of 31 male students were inducted into MAN UP, an organization that supports educational success and mentors underrepresented minorities. The second annual MAN UP Induction Ceremony was held on October 1 at the Woodbridge Campus.

MAN UP is a minority male mentoring and leadership development program designed to promote personal, social development and academic improvement of Woodbridge students.

Student Services Center Counselor Richmond Hill, MAN UP founder and program coordinator, said the program was developed to increase the retention, graduation rates and academic performance of minority males. “We are unique from other student organizations on Campus,” Hill said. “Our goal is not to see how many service projects we can complete or how much money we can raise. Our goal is to promote and create access to resources and supportive relationships that help minority males overcome barriers to reach college graduation.”

In 2013, an initial conversation took place between Hill and program leaders Rommel Aguilar, Lando LoweCedric Howard and Tank McCarl and Dean of Students Michael Turner to begin the organization. MAN UP currently has 38 active members and a strong presence on the Woodbridge Campus.

President Scott Ralls shared how he values the organization and its unique purpose for NOVA students.

“Never underestimate how inspiring you are to other people who you don’t even know are watching you,” Ralls said. “You are role models and each of you inspire others in ways that I, your deans or professors cannot. Only you can do it. I truly appreciate what you are doing.”

MAN UP is open to any minority male student enrolled at the Woodbridge Campus. As a member, students are assigned a mentor and will benefit from academic skills building and advising, monthly success coaching, access to networking opportunities, character building workshops on self-esteem and communication, social and athletic events/activities and service learning projects.

MAN UP participants must:

  • Complete a MAN UP application (Located in the Woodbridge Student Services Center, WS 202 or Student Life, WS 156)
  • Follow all rules and guidelines outlined by the program and within the student handbook
  • Maintain a positive and respectful attitude
  • Make a one-year commitment to the program
  • Meet at least one hour per month with the student’s selected mentor
  • Be present and on time for scheduled meetings, activities or workshops
  • Attend monthly service learning projects and meetings for the program

For additional information or membership interest, please contact Hill at rihill@nvcc.edu.

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