Chef Kevin Scott Visits Annandale

Chef Kevin Scott Visits Annandale
Chef Kevin Scott demonstrates the various features of the Rational SelfCookingCenter Oven.

On September 30, Chef Kevin Scott visited the Annandale Campus to demonstrate the recently purchased Rational Combi Oven to culinary instructors and Chefs Wilhelm Jonach and Mike Herbert and 22 culinary students.

Scott showed how the Rational SelfCookingCenter uses advanced technology to create a high quality, consistent product while saving labor and food costs. This cooking system senses and recognizes the sizes, load, quantity, and condition of the products, calculates the appropriate browning by itself, makes the necessary decisions and adjusts the temperature, cooking time, air speed and cooking cabinet climate to best suit the requirements of food. This unit even familiarizes itself with the chef’s preferences and can save these for future use.

This fully programmable oven can be customized to suit the individual customer’s needs. Scott and the students roasted whole chickens, chicken breasts and thighs, grilled steaks, roasted vegetables, baked salmon and tilapia, all in the same oven, many at the same time, all within a cooking time of 35 minutes. The students were impressed, as this is just an example of the technology becoming more prevalent in today’s commercial kitchens.

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