First Spanish Spelling Bee at the Woodbridge Campus

The Woodbridge Campus will be hosting the first Spanish Spelling Bee on October 15 to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. This activity goes beyond honoring the Spanish language; it is a valuable educational experience especially for Spanish students. Participants will gain competency over vocabulary, which will allow them to increase their skills in reading and writing in the target language. The Spelling Bee will also enhance learner memory and will motivate students to trace the origin of words. Additionally, students will increase their confidence and have fun through healthy competition.

Participants will compete in two levels, beginner and intermediate. There will be prizes for first and second place. The competition will be promoted among NOVA students, especially those in Spanish classes.

The competition judges will be Spanish instructors from NOVA’s Alexandria, Annandale, Manassas and Woodbridge campuses. Woodbridge is planning to continue the Spanish Spelling Bee each year and invites other campuses to join them.

For questions, please contact Dr. Carmen R. Figueroa at

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