Tirpak Quoted in Scientific American Mind Magazine

Communication Studies Instructor Philip Tirpak (AN) was quoted in an article in the September/October 2015 issue of Scientific American Mind magazine. The article, “How To Be A Better Listener,” gave strategies on how to improve and practice listening skills. Tirpak, who is also the president of the International Listening Association, was awarded the President’s Sabbatical Award. During the spring 2016 semester, Tirpak will conduct research and work on his project which focuses on developing a listening assessment for student success.

Currently, no listening courses are offered in the Virginia Community College System and very few assessments focus on what listening can do for students. To assist with his research, Tirpak will examine existing listening assessments across diverse disciplines and colleges. He is passionate about student success and is known as the “listening guy.” In his courses, students work on a semester-long listening project. Often, students cite improvements in their listening skills and relationships.

According to Tirpak, listening is an under-utilized skill that is not taught formally. “We teach children how to read, write and speak, we do not teach them how to listen. Being an active listener changes lives and enhances personal and professional relationships. “

To read the article, “How To be A Better Listener,” go online

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