New Surplus Property Efforts Support Public Schools

New Surplus Property Efforts Support Public Schools

New Surplus Property Efforts Support Public Schools
Shoemaker Elementary School Computer Lab with NOVA’s surplus furniture.

The Materiel Management Division has been working closely with the Department of General Services’ (DGS) Office of Surplus Property Management over the past few months to utilize state property more responsibly. Instead of auctioning off NOVA’s surplus furniture to the public for small returns, much of it is now being redistributed throughout Virginia for reuse by other agencies and public schools.

In August, the division received this message from Renee Dishner, principal of Shoemaker Elementary School in Scott County, Virginia. “Thank you so much for the tables and chairs to update our third/fourth grade computer lab. I wouldn’t have been able to update this lab without your generous contribution,” Dishner said. “My students were so excited to see the computer lab updated with such nice tables and chairs. The smiles on their faces said it all.”

All of the furniture to renovate this computer lab was NOVA surplus, transferred to the DGS through the coordination of Property Control and the diligent labor of the Central Warehouse staff. These departments worked hard throughout the summer to clear the campuses’ limited storage space of surplus furniture and deliver it to the DGS warehouse in Richmond, Virginia, for redistribution to the rest of the Commonwealth.

This change in procedure was as a result of the relationship that Property Control’s Sean Corron forged with Floyd Coburn, the DGS director of surplus property management. Coburn is an outspoken advocate of reusing and repurposing property, to such an extent that he collects loose paper clips from donated desk drawers, bundles them and offers them to state agencies and public schools. He points out that while some Virginia agencies are fortunate to be able to afford new furniture and equipment, many are on tight budgets – especially public school districts. The surplus property program is, in some cases, the only way they can afford to procure the goods they need to operate.

NOVA’s Materiel Management Division and the DGS Office of Surplus Property Management agree that the partnership is benefitting both parties as well as the entire Commonwealth of Virginia.

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