Facilities Working Hard Behind-the-Scenes

Facilities Working Hard Behind the Scenes

Facilities Working Hard Behind-the-Scenes
Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center on the Alexandria Campus.

While many people were away during the summer, Facilities Planning and Support Services completed repairs, upgraded and replaced equipment and refreshed some campus spaces. Projects like these are generally scheduled during low occupancy times to minimize their impact on classes and maintain the College’s equipment, spaces and aesthetics.

These behind-the-scenes projects supported current needs and future capabilities. If you look closely, you may notice new paint, technology, carpet or other clues of completed work. Ideally, unless major equipment was installed or different color paint applied, you may not see any signs that facilities’ personnel were doing work in your areas.

Facilities Working Hard Behind-the-Scenes
Ernst Center (CE) at the Annandale Campus.

New electrical panels were installed in the Ernst Center (CE) at the Annandale Campus because there were no more electrical circuits to support the needs of the gymnasium and theater. These panels will support future electrical expansion as well as any additional power requirements for traveling shows that want to perform in the theater.

According to Ernst Center Manager Kevin Sheehan, “We are very grateful for this project, as it will enable us to host some bigger events and allow for future upgrades to the gym. The facilities staff took great pains to work around our schedule. Many thanks for a great job!”

Similarly, additional power sources were installed in the CS building at the Annandale Campus to support televisions and monitors in the lab classrooms. This will allow professors to use additional, multimedia material and enhance students’ experiences.

At Alexandria, the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center stage and orchestra pit received much needed attention. Missing hardware was replaced in the stage rigging, all the line equipment was rebalanced, and the wire guided arbor needed a weight and balance correction. Additionally, the orchestra pit edges were removed, rebuilt and replaced as they had been damaged when the orchestra pit was raised. The pit stage was sanded and refinished to be ready for the new performance season.

“We have had a busy summer with renovations including repairing and refinishing the orchestra pit and the installation of a motor to open and close the main curtain. We are particularly pleased with the upgrade that the curtain motor provides to us and our clients,” said Schlesinger Center Productions Manager Stephen Shetler. “Jodi Erbland (the project manager) was very diligent in making sure the projects were completed satisfactorily.”

At Woodbridge, the Math Lab in the Seefeldt Building was expanded to accommodate additional work stations for more math courses and instruction. Because of code and technology requirements, it was not as simple as introducing more work stations. This project incorporated additional heating and cooling equipment, new sprinklers, new carpet, a new ceiling and new doors and blinds in addition to additional work stations.

All of these were completed on schedule, in time for the 2015 fall semester, and on or under budget. It is projects like these that happen during the down times that keep the College up-to-date with technology support and student needs.

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