First Round CashCourse Contest a Success

The first round of the financial literacy CashCourse Contest has ended and eight $100 prizes have been raffled off to current NOVA students who successfully completed the “Budgeting Basics” module. A total of 220 people attempted the module with 130 students successfully completing it with a minimum score of at least 80 percent. The module took about 30 minutes to complete and covered topics such as creating a spending plan, separating needs from wants, starting an emergency fund to cover three to six months of expenses, and setting savings goals.

Mark your calendars! December 20 is the deadline to complete the next CashCourse Contest module, “Be Credit Savvy.” Contest rules and instructions are posted on NOVA’s Financial Literacy Blog.

NOVA faculty and staff are encouraged to complete the CashCourse modules online to brush up on personal finance; but please also note, faculty and staff are not eligible to receive the $100 grants or bookstore gift cards offered through the contest.

If you are interested in using CashCourse modules or assignments with NOVA students, please email Clint Young (CS) at to request a CashCourse faculty/staff account. Also, please feel free to browse the other financial literacy resources available here.

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