IPS Hosts 2015 Post-Election Conference

IPS Hosts 2015 Post-Election Conference

IPS Hosts 2015 Post-Election Conference This year, the NOVA Institute for Public Service (IPS) hosted its fourth Post Election Conference on November 5. Over 160 students, faculty, staff and community members gathered throughout the day at the Alexandria Campus, two days after Election Day, to hear from politicians, journalists and professors about the significance of the results and the future implications for the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation.

Alexandria Liberal Arts Dean Jim McClellan started the morning off by welcoming the audience, introducing the program and sharing some details from the election. Afterwards Geography Assistant Professor David Miller (AL) gave a political geography presentation depicting the election results and highlighting some of the important battles for seats within the House of Delegates and Senate between the Republican and Democratic parties.

IPS Hosts 2015 Post-Election Conference At 11:30 a.m., the first panel guests took their seats at the front of the room to begin discussing state and local politics. The panelists included Senator Adam Ebbin (D-30th District) of the Virginia Senate and Delegate Charniele Herring (D-46th District) of the Virginia House of Delegates. In an effort to engage the audience in further discussion, participants used Turning Point response cards (clickers) to partake in polls embedded in a PowerPoint presentation. Instant data appearing on the screen from these multiple-choice questions served as a springboard for in-depth discussion and debate throughout the events. Audience members were also given the opportunity to ask the panelists questions regarding politics and current issues of importance to students in the Commonwealth.

IPS Hosts 2015 Post-Election Conference The second panel was moderated by Communication Studies and Theatre Arts Assistant Professor Shelly Palomino (AL) and included three panelists: Political Science Professor Jack Lechelt (AL); Sarah McCammon, political reporter for National Public Radio (NPR); and Abby Phillip, national political reporter for The Washington Post. This panel focused their attention on the upcoming 2016 presidential election, giving their thoughts on how the year ahead might look for all of the candidates and sharing what information they had gathered so far about constituents’ personal criteria for the next president. Students were again asked to participate using Turning Point technology.

Each year, IPS hosts a Post-Election Conference to hold to its mission of applying the resources of the College to provide opportunities for learning and public service that contribute to the growth of civic awareness and engagement within our community and the greater Washington, D.C., area. If you would like more information on this conference or future conferences, please contact the IPS Coordinator Linda Campos at lcampos@nvcc.edu.

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